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Tired of wasting week after week after week farming the endbosses from previous raids and expansions only to come out empty-handed?

Lucky for you, we have our very own version of WoW mount store where you can purchase rare BFA mounts directly from our sellers or order a boost run to get a guaranteed drop from the current Mythic Raid if it’s possible! Become a true Lord of the Reins with a little help from BoostBay!

Available for both EU and US.

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World of Warcraft probably has one (if not the) biggest catalogue of mounts out of any other online game. Sure, you can debate that dozens of recolours of the same wolfs, horses and dragons don’t really count as unique, but whatever, we’re not talking about them here! Through our service, you can get your hands on some of the rarest WoW mounts, including flying, all of which you can buy with real money!

Disclaimer: neither we nor our sellers deal in actual shop mounts from an in-game store.

You might wonder which mounts are we talking about then, well here are some examples: Lucid Nightmare, Ratstallion, the Hivemind, and even TCG mounts like the legendary Swift Spectral Tiger or the Magic Rooster! All of those WoW BFA mounts you can purchase from our platform or even put yours for sale if you want to get some profit in a safe and discreet fashion.

Keep in mind when you’re going to purchase one of those magnificent WoW mounts that most of them won’t come cheap. Especially in case of TCG mounts where their cost is dictated by the fact that there’s literally a limited supply of those beauties. And boosting runs, in this case, apply to situations where sellers would run a whole group along with your character to improve the odds of looting a mount. After all, getting those Invincible’s Reins from the Lich King is far easier when you’ve got several other people we already got the mount backing you up.

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