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Norm Dungeons Carry with us

Leveling through dungeons is an absolute chore. It takes too long even with a full set of heirloom gear! Which is why our marketplace has a section about WoW Normal Dungeons boosting!

Our sellers clear a path and help you arrive at the point where the actual adventure begins! Seriously, when a game offers mandatory character boost with each new expansion — you know there’s something to be said here!

Besides, getting your own WoW Normal Dungeon carry crew will boost your leveling speed significantly! A solution to every lowbie DPS problem. BoostBay provides a safe and reliable service for both EU and US.

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Service description

This service is primarily aimed towards newer World of Warcraft players. Because since the introduction of Mythic dungeons in Warlords of Draenor, normal difficulty has become for the most part obsolete. It would’ve been possible to just ignore them, but, unfortunately, they’re now part of mandatory story progression necessary to unlock key features. If you’re a fresh DPS — we feel your pain.

For those of you seeking to avoid obnoxious queue times and get on with their game, our BFA Normal Dungeon boost service is certainly the answer. For everybody else... why not look at out other boosting services?

It’s not like we’re trying to discourage you here. Heck, getting a complete boost through normal Battle for Azeroth dungeons is a sure way to boost your character level. But then, our power leveling service would probably achieve much more and at a better cost to boot. Keep in mind that certain current dungeons (King’s Rest and Siege of Boralus, to be specific) are not available on normal difficulty at all!

So, we don’t usually do that, but as an honest business, we wish to warn you that you should be absolutely sure about this purchase. Because we have much better options out there! Remember, a high-level character would not be spending much time in those, because they hold nothing of value for them. Item level of rewards here falls off drastically compared to future rewards!

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