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Tired of having to worry about pugs bailing out before the dungeon is finished? Need your key done just hours before reset? Then go and order a WoW Mythic +10 boost run from our sellers!

No matter which dungeon it is and what affixes there currently are, at BoostBay you will always find many veteran M +10 carry crews that will help you secure that key in a swift, safe and reliable fashion whenever you need it. Available for both EU and US.

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Service description

If you wonder "What’s so special about BFA Mythic +10 keystone that I need people to carry me?", then we’re going to assume that you’re a new player. Unless you’ve previously had never been to a mythic+ dungeon, then you must know that the higher level of the key you’ve got is — the better loot you get at the end of that dungeon. But 10 is special for 2 reasons: it’s when the 4th, seasonal affix (a mechanic unique to Battle for Azeroth) kicks in, and that’s the limit for the weekly chest that you can open after each server reset!

And the gear you get from that chest is no laughing matter either! At this point, it’s guaranteed to drop gear equal to Heroic Raid item level or higher (if it gets Titanforged!), which makes M+10 boost a great purchase, not for your main character, but any alts you’ve got as this will help you gear them in no time!

Sometimes players in World of Warcraft decide to get their Mythic Plus 10 and other boosting from in-game groups of people who offer to do it for gold, but we strongly advise against such practice. Not only because there’s a low chance to get your money back in case something goes wrong but they usually cost quite a lot as well!

This service has only one mandatory requirement: a max level character. Otherwise, the game will simply prevent you from entering the dungeon! No actual gear requirements are put onto you, but it’s very recommended to have your own key for this. Account sharing is normally not required for this either.

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