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Looking to outfit your character with amazing gear in a quick, safe and reliable way? Then have a look at BoostBay’s WoW Mythic+ Gear Boost service!

Our sellers will help you reach your desired item level and stash your bags full of top quality gear so that you can dominate the day. Why wait a whole week for a Raid run if you can farm those dungeons and get the same or better results?

Stay on top of the food chain with BoostBay! Service available for both EU and US.

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Be advised that the high speed of completion and abundance of rewards make this particular WoW Mythic+ Gear Boost a most exceptional option for the newly maxed out characters.

Yes, you’ve read that right. You can buy Mythic Plus gear just as easily as anything else thanks to our marketplace. It’s not that different from having a regular loot run we’ve got for sale. To get your Mythic Keystone gear, you need to find a boosting team (the one that you like from the myriad of those available), pay them, and just make it to the chest. Boom, it’s in the bag. Literally! The main difference between raid and m+ runs is how World of Warcraft, specifically Battle for Azeroth, now treats keystone dungeons and rewards that you get from them.

Every major patch now retroactively increases the quality of loot you receive at the end of a dungeon, bringing it up to a raid-level quality. Because of this, dungeons will always remain a highly lucrative gearing option during the opening weeks (or even months) of every raid tier. The decision to purchase Mythic+ gear is a very sound one if you’re planning to bring your alts into Heroic difficulty raids and you need to gear them up really, really fast.

“Where’s the catch?” - you might ask. Well, the catch is that Azerite Armor is now harder to obtain compared to how it used to be at the start of BfA. Challenger’s Cache (the chest at the end) no longer showers you with that stuff and instead rewards you with Titan Residuum currency which you use to buy the gear you want. This is certainly much less random and annoying than how things used to be, but their cost is certainly far from being cheap and it would take quite a while to farm enough to get a piece.

But then you don’t have to be online for that! Take advantage of account sharing and let our sellers do the job for you. Our market guarantees that you’ll get your money’s worth. But, if you think that this service might not be what you’re looking for - we urge you to take another look at our store and see what else BoostBay can do for you!

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