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Need urgent WoW BFA dungeon boost at 3 am? Look no further, our sellers at BoostBay are ready to take your order at a low cost, even if it’s a +15 key. It doesn’t matter whether you need a mythic dungeon carry run or just a normal one in the current expansion either, as we offer a wide spectrum of WoW dungeon services for any of your needs, such as normal mode, heroic mode, mythic mode, meta-achievements and more, including event-specific gear runs!

Available for both EU and US.

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What? Do you think it’s weird to order boost for BfA dungeons if they aren’t Mythic+? Have you seen the wait times for pure DPS classes? Did you forget how people react upon seeing undergeared fresh high-level character without achievements in their group? Don’t forget that high item level matters too! Oh and that some dungeons (like King’s Rest and Siege of Boralus) are mandatory for story progress? Dealing with pugs is always a nightmare, so we recommend to order a  WoW BfA dungeon carry crew and skip the headache.

Community issues aside, dungeons have always been an amazing piece of content in World of Warcraft, providing players with gear, teaching them fighting mechanics and pushing the narrative. Previously they would become obsolete once players start getting raid-quality gear, but thankfully not anymore! And with Battle for Azeroth affixes being constantly in rotation no walkthrough is like the previous one, which keeps them fresh, challenging, engaging and even rewarding far beyond their initial purpose.

If we were to say when instance boosting in WoW has become a popular thing, then we’d bet on Warlords of Draenor... or wait, no, Mists of Pandaria! Actually, we can’t say for certain, but both those expansions included a special difficulty mode for dungeons called "Challenge Mode", which in a nutshell was about completing the dungeon as quickly as possible within a time limit set uniquely for each dungeon within the expansion. Sounds familiar? Quite so! But instead of increased difficulty and new mechanics players had to deal with reduced and normalized ilvl. Oh well, enough nostalgia!

Keep in mind that this isn’t exactly a power-leveling service, we’ve got a different page for those, but getting a boost before hitting the cap is very likely to provide a slight increase for your character level. Account sharing might come as a mandatory requirement for extremely high-level keys.

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