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Char Driving with us

Ever wondered what WoW character driving service implies? Is WoW character driving something that you can buy?

Well, let us get you through the ropes and explain how and when you would want to implement this feature. Short version? Well, if you’ve previously ever heard of "driving" in relation to the execution of in-game services, then this is it.

But if you’re a new player — please read on, as the purpose of this article is to facilitate trust and understanding between users of our platform. BoostBay provides a safe and reliable service available for both EU and US.

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Service description

In regards to World of Warcraft, a character driving service implies that a carry-player would log into your account for the duration of boosting service you decided to purchase. Essentially, this is your good old account-sharing method, otherwise known by many as "piloting" and other names.

This feature is available for almost any service related to Battle for Azeroth or previous expansion and the idea behind it is to make the process as smooth and fast as possible.

We’re not trying to downplay your own skill or anything, but our sellers have performed their tasks times and times over, so when you pass over your account they would know exactly what to do and how.

Quite often you will notice that a self-play option would actually cost you extra. The reason is bringing a new person to whatever process is like adding an unknown element into the equation: there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to perform effectively with those people, while they already have past experience with each other. This has little to do with your item level, rather it’s all about performance and the ability to follow commands and maintain order.

Security? Sure, we can understand how giving access to your account to some stranger and then paying them seems shady, but this isn’t early 2000. Many games and especially those on the Battle. net have vast tools to track everything that happens to your account, including things down to your characters and even keeping track of items earned and your gold. You can easily find them on the official website page and check the activity of our boosters!

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