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Looking for a place that’s got rare WoW BFA toys for sale? No, we’re not talking action figures or Frostmourne replicas. We’re talking cool vanity in-game items!

Sure, they normally provide no palpable advantage (RIP Brulfist Idol and Rockfeather Skyhorn Kite combo), but isn’t it fun to able to turn yourself into a boss-sized monstrosity in the middle of the raid and freak everyone out?

Not to forget that by expanding your collection, you’ll unique titles and even mounts! BoostBay provides a safe and reliable service for both EU and US.

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Don’t act so surprised. There’s nothing wrong with people’s desire to buy WoW BFA in-game toys! They’re a collector’s item just like mounts, pieces of transmog gear and pets! But unlike the first two, toys are something more than just audio and visual clutter… unless that’s what you’re aiming for! And that’s where toys excel at! Boosting what seems to be just “annoying” to downright “obnoxious”! Remember our words next time somebody decides to pop a railroad next to your group.

Today you don’t even need to search where to buy WoW toys. Bloody things are almost everywhere! But if we try and think hard back into vanilla… we can’t remember any. Well, there was that “Barov Peasant Caller” trinket which… could summon a feeble peasant to act as your temporary aid, but that’s hardly a great toy. If one can even call that a toy… Alternatively, probably the Orb of the Sin’dorei was the first real toy in World of Warcraft! And then Wrath of the Lich King practically exploded with unique toys a player could find in every location. Sure, everyone liked to poke fun at Blood Elves back then, but as soon as that item would appear on the loot table - everyone would try to get it no matter the cost.

Before making your purchase, keep in mind that some toys are unique and might command a higher price than you might expect! Most of them belong to TCG loot items, a supremely rare collection of cosmetic items and mounts. Interested? Then be sure to visit our other pages, dedicated to the most exceptional of their number and order while they’re still in stock!

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