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Looking for a store to buy gear for WoW BFA? Then you’ve come to the right place! With our sellers here at BoostBay, you can outfit your character with the best in-game items available and make sure that you will be absolutely ready to crush the opposition!

Gear is the single most important thing in the whole World of Warcraft that makes everything go round. Never walk back from an opportunity to buy WoW gear sets, even if it’s just cosmetic!

Mythic Raids, high-end PvP, keystone dungeons - we’ve got all of them for sale with some of the cheapest prices on any other online marketplace! Set sail for success with BoostBay! Service available for both EU and US.

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Gear sets let your character become stronger and more effective and makes you, the player, feel superior to everyone around you. The problem with gear is that the drop rate is too bloody random. Not only do you need to hope that you get the exact item you want, but also that it's going to properly Titanforge. And don’t get us started on how that applies to Azerite gear! Muradin’s beard, what a pain in the butt that whole system is…

Which is why we recommend you to buy WoW BfA epic gear or even PvP gear! With so much nuance going on, is it fair that someone gets the best possible item just because of a random chance? It absolutely isn’t! The cost of acquisition should be the same for every player who puts their heart and effort into it! With the help of our boosters, you can make absolutely sure that you’re safe and never screwed up a random stroke of misfortune! But that’s not all, be sure that you search our platform thoroughly and find the service with a description matches your expectations. After all, we would lie if we say weapons and armor in this game are always about the item level. Which is certainly wrong! With the help of our shop, you can buy complete WoW gear sets, which will help you distinguish yourself from the rest of the players by crafting illustrious armor and weapons sets of your own using the game’s transmog feature!

Don’t hesitate and take advantage of our services! We have a wild variety of options for purchase that would certainly fulfill any of your needs. If you want to always keep your item level high and be certain that you remain ahead of the curve then check in with BoostBay!

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