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War Campaign Carry with us

Would you like to get the most of the benefits of Battle for Azeroth War Campaign without having to spend much time on it? Then have yourself a WoW War Campaign boost from BoostBay!

This isn’t Legion folks, we remember how frustrating it was even to go through a well crafted story-driven campaign for a different class, but regurgitating the same content over and over without any option to skip it? Yikes!

So to save you the time and frustration while also gaining all the benefits and unlocks a War Campaign can offer we humbly offer you our boosting service. BoostBay provides a safe and reliable service for both EU and US.

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Service description

Story-driven campaigns at this point are not a new phenomenon in online games. But there are good ways to do it and then there are bad ways, and any player who made it through Legion knows just how bad the current plot is. It’s no surprise that people would seek someone to carry their War Campaign in World of Warcraft because it barely features any noteworthy or interesting events, not to mention that it doesn’t take long before you actually start to feel that you’re farming for progress, completely breaking suspension of disbelief.

Like, really, at least in Legion every other class had their own campaign which although followed the same pattern, you’ve never really knew what it had in store for you, which was motivating enough to start it simply for the sake of pure entertainment and wonderful storytelling. In case you wonder what exactly is kept behind War Campaign this time and why you absolutely would want to purchase our WoW War Campaign unlock service at least for one of your characters, then here you go:

  • completing War Campaign awards you with Flight Master’s Whistle, which is the closest thing you’ll get to flying (more like a 2nd hearthstone actually) until it’s unlocked
  • completing War Campaign is obligatory to unlock at least 2 late-game dungeons which would otherwise unreachable for you
  • completing War Campaign is necessary to unlock flying in BfA, as it is part of a Pathfinder achievement
  • completing War Campaign is necessary for unlocking newest Allied Races

See? We’re not even trying to coerce you here. Technically, you really need to complete it just once for your main character and then you can take it more leisurely on your alts. To get the most of the cost of this service, be sure to utilize account-sharing options so that our sellers can do their job while you’re away.

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