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Local Quests Carry with us

Tired of NPCs constantly spotting you hiding behind an illusion? The knowledge that yet another "turtle made it to the water" sets your teeth on edge? Then treat yourself to our WoW Local Quests boost service!

Our sellers will gladly take upon themselves this thankless job of performing the same local quests again and again, till your desired goal is reached! Why waste your time on this monotony if can hire our goons instead?

Put that free time into something that really matters, like rated PvP, Raids, Mythic Dungeons or IRL stuff you never have the time for! BoostBay provides a safe and reliable service for both EU and US.

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Service description

World quests are nothing new to most players, their existence dating back as far back as the Burning Crusade expansion. Sure, back then most World of Warcraft players wouldn’t need a carry for local quests, because those weren’t nearly as numerous or obnoxious as they’re today. Probably Blizzard themselves didn’t have such an idea in store back then, as those quests were supposed to be more of a compliment to various end-game activities, rather than a hamster wheel we know and abhor today.

Anyway, the main reason why anyone would buy WoW Local Quests farm is to spare themselves the indignity of doing those over and over for the sake of achieving the exalted status with some specific faction. Back in the day, such a thing wasn’t mandatory for story progression, and even in Legion, it wasn’t as intrusive and off-putting as we have now.

The best part of this boosting service lies in its account-sharing feature. You needn’t worry about scooping up your account because current security measures used by Blizz keep a close track of each of your characters, their actions, and even item history.

Also, remember that since reputation isn’t an account-wide feature, you would need to purchase this service for each of your characters individually (that is if you really need it more than once!). But technically (if you aren’t prepared to pay such cost) unless you want specific items and armor, you can just do it once for your Pathfinder achievement and forget this headache altogether.

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