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With every new expansion Blizzard introduce new gameplay mechanics that continue to expand gameplay features. In World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, they’ve introduced Island Expeditions. An excellent way to level your character beyond 110 and gather some unique armor pieces in the process.

Is it fun though? Absolutely not! It’s even grindier than the dungeons! And scoring those rewards requires some obscure mumbo-jumbo to be done! To save your time and unneeded effort, our BoostBay marketplace introduces you an opportunity to buy WoW Island Expeditions boost!

Purchase World of Warcraft Island Expeditions Carry services from our shop to easily reap all those unique rewards along with pets and mounts! BoostBay provides a safe and reliable service for both EU and US.

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Each new World of Warcraft expansion brings lots of new features. Some of them tend to become regular gameplay features, like the Mythic+ dungeon mode, others are abandoned for lots of reasons. Battle for Azeroth has introduced Island Expeditions, which turned out to be controversial, to say the least. While containing easy-to-learn mechanics as well as a bunch of unique rewards, this feature becomes boring after you try them even for a day.

By choosing to buy our WoW Island Expedition farm service, you will be able to earn associated achievements, unlock lots of new and unique weapon pieces and armor sets to add to your transmog collection or sell at AH, and if you are lucky enough you will earn new pets and lots of astounding mounts.

You notice how this time we’ve got very little to say about the feature itself, right? That’s because playing those expeditions boils down to entering a miniature arena and killing everything in sight! Arenas themselves usually differentiate by what kind of meanies they’re filled with this week and nothing else.

Like, this is even more monotonous than your daily Mythic+ farm! And what’s worse, you barely got time enough to sneeze, as your AI opponents will be boosting their progress like mad! What Blizzard called an "Advanced AI" is essentially a PvP boss from Trial of the Champion. Those guys got no resource limits and barely any cooldowns. Simply put: while certainly lucrative, Island Expeditions are totally not fun.

In case you may experience any rare problem please feel free to contact our BoostBay Support Team to solve every issue in a fastest and efficient way possible. Thank you for choosing BoostBay services for your farming needs! We hope to see you again. Keep in mind that while account sharing isn’t required, it is quite preferable to speed up the process.

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