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So, you’re looking for a place to buy some Azerite farming boost? Then stop right because you’ve finally come to the right place. Our sellers will help you max out that necklace in no time, giving you access to the best traits from the special armor pieces, as well as unlocking powerful essences introduced in patch 8.2!

Ever thought how unfair it is that players have to farm the bloody stuff while mobs and bosses can pop it like some sort of an energy drink and get immediate results? Well, with our boosters time is no longer the problem! BoostBay provides a safe and reliable online service for both EU and US.

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In case you wonder why people would actually look for an Azerite boost we’re going to assume that you’re a new player. And don’t take this as an offense because, as you can obviously see, this is a new special form of progression. The power that your artifact necklace gains is essentially a 2nd round of level-ups that your character needs to progress.

Without some Azerite farm, you won’t be able to carry any dungeons or raids because your character is simply going to be too weak to do this!

At the start of BfA the item itself, unlike Legion artifact weapons, provided only passive stat and item level increase, but its level was necessary to utilize traits from the so-called Azerite Armor. And if you’ve reached BfA, then you probably know that they basically do nothing but provide even more passive bonuses, which is upsetting as it doesn’t make the gameplay exciting at all.

To get the most out of your order, be sure to utilize the account sharing feature, as farming this incarnation of artifact power won’t correlate well with your normal gaming!

And there’s no skipping it either. You won’t be able to find any solution for it in WoW, be it by throwing your gold all over the place or looking at the auction house. You either have to grind it up yourself, or, purchase Azerite farming services from our sellers and continue playing in comfort.

Oh and keep in mind that the higher your current necklace (Heart of Azeroth) level is — the lower the cost will be!

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