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Looking for some swift WoW Artifact Power boosting service? Well, here you go! Our store is happy to provide you with a whole army of boosters who will gladly take upon themselves this unenviable task. We can understand that the path to success is usually rife with struggle, but boredom? In a game?

No way! Stop groveling after every scrap of Azerite and unlock your full potential as quickly as possible with our WoW AP boost service! Available for both EU and US.

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When World of Warcraft has first introduced its Artifact Power progression system in Legion it was a tough job to find a person who would actually turn down such an idea! Character progression was sure in need of some renovation and Blizzard has certainly delivered. But the whole Heart of Azeroth shtick just doesn’t cut it.

Even more so, things are twice as offensive now because enemies can use Azerite to swiftly empower themselves whenever they feel so, while players have to farm obscene amounts of it for a slight increase in item level. So why not purchase your very own WoW Artifact Power boost and even the odds?

You might even not feel the strain when leveling AP of your main character. After all, many AP rewards are woven into normal progression, but what about your alts? What about the fact that you need to obtain dozens of levels to unlock all essence slots? Even a minor improvement goes a long way!

Adding an extra layer of insult to injury that even with a maxed-out artifact you still have to go about unlocking several tiers of essences... on top of items and everything else... And no, you can’t just buy AP in WoW, only farm it. Such a mechanic does nothing but complicate things by adding even more time to an already huge cost of your progress, so why not skip it?

This purchase would make a wonderful addition to most power-leveling services you can find on our market. Sure, it’s a damn shame that this order would take more time to complete than any other for World of Warcraft (if you’re planning to hit the cap from a low level) but at least you can benefit from Account Sharing by allowing our sellers to perform their boosting and carry your character while you’re offline.

It’s absolutely safe! One can only hope that if Blizz plans to re-introduce this system every time with each upcoming expansion they’re going to be smarter about it. Until that happens, you can always trust BoostBay to help you through any tedious aspect of the game!

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