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For some, achievements are just another notch, a quick shine on the screen that gets dismissed once seen. A true completionist though sees value in every earned point!

For those of you who just can’t let go, BoostBay has got this section where you can buy WoW achievements, even PvP ones at a low cost!

Forget about hours wasted hunting rares for Commander of Argus or raid runs ruined by incompetent pugs and get what you want safe and sound! Available for both EU and US.

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You might ask ‘But if I buy World of Warcraft achievements instead of earning them, would that beat the whole point?‘.

That’s a fair question, but the answer is up to you, really. Sure it does feel better to earn them yourself, but if we look back, specifically at older raids, there are some WoW achievements that are so hard to earn, they’re practically asking for a boost! Some of the more notorious examples include ’Only the Penitent‘ from Firelands and ‘Show Me Your Moves!’ from Mogu’shan vaults.

Most other achievements can be earned without a hitch, but these require numerous people and it usually happens that people you can call upon for help are either uninterested or simply busy to be bothered with such trivial stuff when there are keys to be pushed, RBGs to be won and whatnot!

Speaking of more relevant annoyances, current Battle for Azeroth expansion features an interesting achievement which can be earned in Stormsong Valley called ’About To Break‘. Some players might recognize that the location where its earned, the surrounding quests and the name itself are an homage to an amazing RPG ’The Darkest Dungeon", which is cool.

What is not cool, is that this very simple achievement is extremely random, buggy, time-consuming and awards you with meager 5 points for the trouble. Why 5? Beats us! And it’s not part of some meta-achievement either, so when you finally get it it doesn’t even feel fulfilling or rewarding at all, what a scam! Even worse are achievements based on killing rares, because those don’t involve any skill from the players other than luck.

It is a great idea to purchase achievements with your World of Warcraft power leveling boost, as those services complement each other really well. Frankly speaking, you ARE going to need certain achievements to unlock such essential things as Mythic Dungeons and the ability to fly in locations of WoD, Legion, and BfA, so consider your options!

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