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Welcome to World of Warcraft section of BoostBay! Here you will find all kinds of WoW BFA boost services to satisfy your gaming needs in all of its aspects. Hardcore PvE? Top tier PvP? A simple gold purchase? You can find a pro WoW carry crew that will fulfil an order that you need on the terms that you want!

Using our method of utilizing whole teams of sellers we aim to be the best WoW service provider while keeping our prices cheaper and lower than the average cost you see on the internet.

BoostBay provides a safe and reliable service available both for EU and US.

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You might ask a fair question: why would you want to purchase your WoW BFA boost and similar services from us? Well, to put it simply, this isn’t our first rodeo. Before we’ve taken the decision to expand and improve our business we used to be a successful WoW marketplace for a very, very long time. We were intimately acquainted with the game, with some members of our team starting their journey since the initial launch of the now legendary "Vanilla" servers.

This is also how we’ve found our seller vanguard! We’ve been working together to establish a successful franchise and now we’re collaborating to improve it further. This game has been our bread and butter for many years now and we have plans to keep it this way for as long as Blizzard keep supporting it. That is why if you wish to buy WoW boost, then we humbly suggest you do it on our platform, where people know their game.

Despite our initial regarding changes introduced with the current expansion Battle for Azeroth boosting scene has been growing steadily over time due to the fact that the supposedly strict personal loot system turned out to be easily exploitable to the benefit of our platform and our clients. Despite its initial problematic launch, newest additions such as Battle of Dazar’alor have shown us that when it comes to raids — the devs still got their hearts in a right place.

Keep in mind that although the services we provide do not have any gear or item level requirements additional measures like account sharing might be necessary to make sure that you will be getting your BfA boost successfully and on time, although this mostly concerns Mythic raids, exceptionally high-lvl dungeon keys and 2000+ rated PvP activities.

Surprised that your WoW carry price is different for every seller? Don’t be! Some of them might be running a sale, others exceed in this particular activity which lets them lower the price, while others might be looking to boost their profits. It’s a competitive world!

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