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World Bosses Carry with us

BoostBay is happy to present you with the WoW Classic World Bosses boost service! Now everyone can claim that they’ve killed Azuregos and Kazzak way back in vanilla! In all seriousness, world bosses have always been sources of great loot, and the ones in the classic game are no exception.

Attention, due to their erratic spawn rates it should be noted you buy WoW Vanilla World Bosses Carry Crew in advance. Technically, what you do is booking the kill, as the bosses typically spawn once a week (unless Blizzard has eventually changed that) which would make planning somewhat problematic.

But despite that, BoostBay provides a safe and reliable service for both EU and US.

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Attention! We strongly advise you choose to purchase a piloted method of participation instead of self-play when ordering your World of Warcraft Classic world bosses boost. Their spawn and time of discovery vary, so be sure to discuss this in detail with your chosen seller.

There are six world bosses in total in the original World of Warcraft game. The already mentioned Azuregos and Kazzak were featured as part of promo material that explained the intricacies of guild interactions and cooperation and were present in the game since the initial launch. The other four are the Dragons of Nightmare, who were added into the game during the Ahn’Qiraj event. All of them, however, are involved in some manner of major high-level questline.

In a nutshell, each boss presents a formidable challenge for a group of 40 players. Azuregos being the most notorious of the bunch because he could take, according to old reports, as long as 30 minutes to kill! The problem with such an enormous amount of time is that it provides ample opportunity for the opposing faction to come and try to steal your prize for themselves.

Kazzak, on the other hand, is a wipe-delivering monstrosity that absolutely must be burned down in a matter of minutes, or else he would AoE and cleave everything within his reach.

The Dragons of Nightmare, on the other hand, are almost cardboard copies of standard dragon boss enemies, but with a noticeably larger health pool and four signature abilities, one per dragon.

All bosses feature raid quality epic loot, with the Dragons of Nightmare possessing a lot of items featured on top bis lists for various classes. The nature resistance found on their armor pieces should be particularly interesting for those who plan to venture into Ahn’Qiraj, either of them.

Because of their premium quality loot, each of those bosses highlighted in our WoW Vanilla world bosses boost for sale will be prime targets for many competing boosting services. The problem is that due to how loot tagging works in the classic game, only one raid group will be eligible for loot. In case your WoW Classic World Bosses Carry crew didn’t succeed this week - they will always try again on the next to earn the price you’ve paid for them.

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