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UBRS Carry with us

BoostBay is happy to re-introduce you the Upper Blackrock Spire boost! With the Iron Horde visibly being absent, this place once again belongs to the Dark Horde. No kidding. As if there wasn’t enough Horde in World of Warcraft already… With the former masters back this place can once again be a glorious conglomeration of dead ends and vertical corridors filled with quests and dangerous trash mobs!

Sounds enticing, right? Well, what if we say that the place also drops powerful Dungeon Tier 1 (not to be confused with raid tier) gear and weapons? Better? Then go ahead and buy Upper Blackrock Spire carry service before somebody else takes your place in line!

As always, BoostBay provides a safe and reliable service for both EU and US.

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Ok, let’s be serious for a moment. First of all, this raid initially requires you to complete an attunement quest to acquire a key to unlock it. But, most boosting crews that offer WoW Classic UBRS carry for sale are going to already possess it, making it easy for you to get your hands on the pre-raid gear of extremely high quality. Yes, you do not need to finish the questline to access the raid dungeon, only one of 10 persons involved must possess the key on them.

Secondly, this place is absolutely stuffed with different quests that begin in the surrounding area outside the dungeon, so try to complete them up to that point in advance to get the most out of your WoW Classic Upper Blackrock Spire boost. You will be rewarded with lots of experience points, sums of gold and silver, and items of rare quality equal in power to those found inside the area. A little bit of extra work is well worth this price.

Third, this place is a geographic mess. We’re referring both to the dungeon, the area outside that shares the name. And the Blackrock Spire as a whole. Sure, it’s an intimidating fortress/city, but unless there’s a warlock in your group, we strongly suggest you do not stray away from our sellers during your WoW Vanilla Upper Blackrock spire carry run. Of course, this is aimed towards people who wish to use self-play option, so why not take the piloted variant for once?

And lastly. With eight bosses, this raid dungeon is still both relatively short and is full of great gear. It might be a good idea to purchase several boosting orders at once to thoroughly farm it.

We hope that your visit to the citadel will turn out smooth and satisfying! Remember, after you’re done with the WoW Vanilla UBRS boost, there’s an entire raid that awaits you just around the corner!

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