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Ony Carry with us

Ready to face off against one of the most prominent bosses of old World of Warcraft? Then our Onyxia's Lair Boost service is just what you need! Our prepared group will make sure that the encounter will go smoothly, and dozens of dragon whelps won't flood the encounter room.

Jokes aside, Onyxia is a complicated boss encounter that requires precise coordination and teamwork. Which makes it a surprise to nobody that smart people would choose to purchase BoostBay's WoW Classic Onyxia boost instead trying to force their way through.

As always, BoostBay provides a safe and reliable service for both EU and US.

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Service description

It's safe to bet that WoW Classic Ony carry for sale will remain relevant as long as classic servers will be around. Despite the difficulty, the rewards from this encounter are well worth it. Her loot table starts a tier 2 head piece for each class, followed by superb weapons, accessories, cloaks and trinkets, and even multiple quest items! I guess it's safe to assume that such treasure trove is a normal thing for dragons?

If you think that we gloat too much and that this encounter would be a piece of cake like it was when it got re-introduced in Cataclysm... Then you're severely mistaken. Let us walk you through on the intricacies so that you see why it is better to buy Onyxia's Lair carry run from us instead of waiting for a miracle.

First and foremost: Onyxia is utterly immune to taunts. Sounds like a trivial thing, but not in the classic game. Many players would have to learn how to slow down their DPS while praying that your tanks know proper rotations for efficient aggro generation. (Unlike our WoW Vanilla Onyxia carry crews.) Failure to comply would result in death for half of the raid. All because in addition to her breath, Onyxia is utterly stacked full of abilities that do massive amounts of damage in a large cone or knock people away and right into the eggs.

Further down the line, she has a raid-wide AoE fear that she would randomly use within an interval of 10 to 30 seconds. This would cause people to run around aimlessly while being bombarded by erupting volcanoes. Admittedly, the fear and volcano thing is only being used during her third phase, but she will relentlessly test your patience throughout the whole fight. So, instead of arguing with your 39 potential comrades why not purchase yourself a WoW Vanilla Ony boost? It will still be a challenge, but at least you'll be able to ask to replace you and switch to piloted boosting once you've had enough. Indeed, due to the complexity of this encounter, the self-play option would likely come at a higher price!

In any case, we hope that you'll have a great time and please do remember to cook up or order some fire resistance potions! They will come in handy!

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