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Looking to jump from Scout to Champion? Join the fray and become Grand Marshal without wasting dozens of hours on something you can’t control or guarantee? Then BoostBay’s WoW Classic PvP title boost is exactly the service that you need!

Any faction, any rating, any server - just give them a call and they shall arrive! There are always sellers looking to earn good coin, so there’s always WoW Vanilla title carry for sale! Just place your order and see your honor standing skyrocket as soon as sellers get to work on your order.

As always, BoostBay provides a safe and reliable service for both EU and US.

Service description

In case you’re wondering what else would such boosting yield you, then here you go: epic quality mounts, unique epic armor with powerful set bonuses and loads of gold! We’re not pulling your leg here. All this information can be easily backed up with what you see in-game and can read up on wiki’s throughout the net! But, if you ask us, the real advantage of using our WoW Vanilla PvP title boost service is that you won’t have to spend dozens of hours on end necessary to achieve this! Not even kidding. The old PvP system isn’t as straightforward as the one used on live servers, and rather than being a direct progression akin to leveling it compares you to other players of your faction on the same server! If you consistently play to a certain standing every week, you will not improve week after week - To improve in this system, you need to put in more and more time and get higher standings every single week.

Fret not though, once you get your title - it’s yours to keep forever and you won’t have to struggle for it like it’s a Gurubashi Arena treasure chest or something the like. You buy WoW Classic PvP title service from us - you get more than the initial price worth with it. Take care though that if you intend to leap high - processing that order of yours might take a while, so you’d better do some math before making that WoW Classic title carry purchase! Still, piloted option is always available, so you can enjoy your World of Warcraft whenever you please and after you’re done the sellers will get to business.

Oh and by the way. We think it might be important to point out that the PvP titles were about the ONLY titles you could obtain at the time! No “Bane of the Fallen King”, “the Exalted”, “the Fabulous” or any similar jazz. If you want to get noticed and to distinguish yourself - you gotta get ugly and dirty with some good old PvP!

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