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World of Warcraft Classic PvP Boosting, Armor and Weapons directly from Boosters 2020
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PvP Carry with us

Feeling lost in a world where talents offer mostly passive stat upgrades and PvP skills aren’t a thing? BoostBay has got you covered here! Check out our exceptional WoW Classic PvP carry crews! Purchase their service and surround yourself with game specialists who remember how things used to be done back in the day.

Keep in mind that without the weekly rewards and reliance on marks the estimated time of delivery might vary drastically to what you might be used to on live servers! Thankfully though, as long as the servers last - we’ll always have WoW Vanilla PvP boost for sale! It’s just that popular!

As always, our platform provides a safe and reliable service for both EU and US.

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There exists a perfectly valid reason as to why people would flock to buy WoW Classic PvP boost and related services: because it is hard! Not in a sense that would require you to step up your game and “git gud” at what you do, but at the fact that things weren’t exactly balanced back then, up to a point that live servers can be raised on a pedestal of being the pinnacle of game design precision! If you’re a veteran then you might remember how hilariously bad Alterac Valley was (and arguably still is!) for the Horde to try and tackle the victory. Remember: arenas aren’t a thing yet! So it’s either the BGs or good old corpse camping! We’ve heard that the weather in Hillsbrad Foothills looks as lovely as ever…

If you don’t see yourself among the die-hard individuals who would grovel World of Warcraft for hours on end to get Honor and Marks at the cost of their pleasure and free time, then we welcome you to purchase some sort of boosting from your favorite service provider! For the best possible experience, we recommend trying the self-play option and remember our motto: “No luck - just skill! One Pyroblast - one kill!”. At a high level, the decision to buy a complete classic WoW PvP gear set would yield you some fantastic gear that can act as an entry-level raid outfit complete with amazing set bonuses and formidable stats dirt cheap thanks to our amazing teams! So go on ahead! Order and buy your WoW Vanilla PvP carry service right now!

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