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What? You're looking for WoW Classic character level boost, even though the whole idea of returning to the old game was roughing it? Then we're happy to oblige! Really, what's the point of running around in the boring old world when you can skip the path and dive into the endgame where all the action is? That's precisely the reason why we're offering people to buy WoW Classic character leveling service!

Cut the annoying part and begin with a maxed-out character ready for bigger adventures. After all, the best parts and experiences are gated behind high levels! Like the Redpath questline in Eastern Plaguelands!

Anyhow, as always, BoostBay provides a safe and reliable service for both EU and US.

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Character Level Boosting Services

Service description

If this is your first character, then we think that looking for World of Warcraft Vanilla character power leveling might not be the best idea. We're not judging, mind you. It's just that one of the points of Classic servers is to feel how different the game was back then and that includes the leveling process. But then if you were interested, you wouldn't be looking for WoW Classic character power leveling, now would you?

Before making your order, please remember that World of Warcraft Classic character powerleveling service is highly customizable and can be adjusted in various ways. The overall quality of your "starting" gear, completion of specific quest chains and zones, acquisition of dungeon keys, and even more can be changed depending on your wishes. Although in turn, Sellers require you to increase the cost price of your purchase, which is only fair. By default, this service is done in piloted mode, but the self-play option is also readily available for those who might require it.

Keep in mind that WoW Classic character level carry service doesn't include professions by default! It is an additional service that either should be negotiated with your chosen booster, or ordered separately from our store. And don’t forget to add additional weapon skills, because who knows what tool you might end up with? It's only natural that any seller that offers WoW Vanilla XP carry for sale would be glad to adjust a few terms to please the client.

In any scenario, we hope you enjoy your World of Warcraft Vanilla experience boosting service, and you get all that you've wanted from it! Leave us a good review, and we hope to see you again, real soon.

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