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Stuck leveling your character? Need to master up another weapon skill? Change a profession or learn a new one from the ground up without wasting time? Then have a look at BoostBay’s WoW Classic Powerleveling service! You can buy WoW Classic Level Boosting for pretty much anything in the game that one can measure with a numerical scale.

Our experts will fulfill your task to the best of their ability as quickly and efficiently as possible! Be advised that it might be beneficial to order several World of Warcraft Vanilla Power Leveling services at once to save time and gain the best possible results.

As always, BoostBay provides a safe and reliable service for both US and EU.

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Service description

While the classic game cuts massively on the number of features one can improve, you can’t go wrong with any of these options. Before making your WoW Classic power leveling order consider this handy summary should you ever need it.

Weapon Skill - While it was removed from the current game with the arrival of Mists of Pandaria patch 4.0.1, this vital mechanic makes a “triumphant” return on Classic servers. What does it do? In a nutshell, weapon skill represents your proficiency with a chosen weapon. It is exceptionally vital for all melee DPS and Hunters! If your skill happens to be equal or less to the mob's Defence skill (calculated as mob lvl * 5), then you won’t be able so much as scratch him! Remember to always improve your weapon skill! This mechanic is why most elites are so extremely tough to kill. Particularly in raids, where certain mobs, noticeably the bosses, exceed players by three levels, giving them a distinct advantage in encounters. It directly correlates with Hit Rating, so try to always stick to a specific weapon so you won’t be caught off guard! While easy to improve initially, it becomes increasingly harder to do so the closer your character becomes to level 60 cap. And before you ask: no, fast weapons provide no advantage over slower ones. In fact, the opposite is true. Needless to say, this specific WoW Classic leveling service would primarily interest high-level players and can only be done in piloted mode.

Professions - Well, this service probably requires no additional explanation, right? You can only have two primary professions per character, which include everything BUT Cooking, Fishing and First Aid and can be picked up in addition to the latter. You have two choices here. Either dedicate yourself to those professions and improve them along with your character or make the decision later, condemning yourself to hours wasted on crafting useless items or gathering low-tier resources. We’ve got this WoW Vanilla level carry for sale specifically to spare you the disgrace of the latter choice. It would also come in handy in case you happen to suddenly realize that your guild requires a specific artisan at short notice. Our boosters will bring your chosen profession to its maximum as swiftly and efficiently as possible so that you can immediately put it to use. Keep in mind that in case you need to UNLEARN one of your current professions - you’re going to lose all progress related to it COMPLETELY. Those convenient profession tomes won’t be around until Legion! Rogue lock-picking leveling service can also be arranged for an additional price.

Character Level - Probably the most significant boosting service of the bunch. Level caps for all weapon skills and professions rely on your character level, using the same simple formula of level * 5. The process is simple and can be described in 3 steps. You pick the desired level you need to achieve. Then decide between piloting and self-play options. And then our World of Warcraft Classic XP carry crews do their magic. This service fills the role of “quick help” purchase in a situation where you’ve seemingly run out of quests to do but remain too low to progress further. In all other cases, we recommend reserving this specific World of Warcraft Vanilla level boost for alts so that you won’t dilute your gaming experience.

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