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Looking to buy WoW Classic Mounts? Well, sure. But there are two critical issues.

Firstly, it’s vanilla World of Warcraft and that there’s a total of 34 Alliance rides and 27 Horde ones. Yes, that includes recolors. There weren’t many WoW Classic mounts in store back then it’s the same now. Secondly, since the game launches as version 1.12, all of them have lost their BoP quality. And three, as a bonus: unless you’ve got the specific riding skill for a transport you want, then your choices become even more limited.

Still, we’ll try to help you as best as we can! As always, BoostBay provides a safe and reliable service for both EU and US.

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So there you are, came looking for WoW Classic rare mounts for sale and that’s what you see! Indeed, the situation here is quite different compared to what we’ve got on Live servers. Here’s the situation: most transport creatures are locked both by a faction requirement and a riding skill requirement. The former is quite easy to understand, while the latter would probably cause a bit of a shock. Yes, you have to learn a different skill for different race transports, but it’s not the problem. Not even the price of 20g needed to learn it. You have to be Exalted with the corresponding faction. Yes, you’ve read that right, this means that there are no fast ways to obtain many transports. You can’t even properly purchase World of Warcraft classic mounts with real money.

There are a total of eight, “neutral” rides that can be obtained by either faction and DON’T require a skill to ride them. But the catch is they won’t be available right away, not all of them. And so, that leaves you with one option. Which one is it? Deathcharger’s Reins, a rare BoP drop from Baron Rivendare who can be found in Stratholme. What, you expected to see sprawling World of Warcraft Vanilla mounts shop? Sorry to let you down, but such is the game in its current state.

What about the other seven? After Zul’Gurub becomes available as a raid, two more of them can be obtained there. Four more are different qiraji riding bugs. The last, eight one, is a legendary black qiraji battle tank, of which there can be only a handful per server due to how this event is performed. He is awarded upon opening the gates, a one-time event. Honestly, we doubt that anyone would take it upon themselves to provide such service. No matter what price we’re talking about.

Yes, compared to what we offer on Live, this WoW Vanilla mounts boost feels like a letdown, but such is the game’s catalogue in the current state. Still, if it gives you any consolidation, our prices for this service are comparatively cheap to other ones you will find in online shops.

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