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Classic dungeons are vastly different from anything you might find on live servers! To make sure that your journey goes smooth and you don’t get lost along the way, BoostBay would like to introduce you the WoW Classic Dungeons Boost! What do we offer? Well, for starters, our crews will never get lost along the way.

It is also a good idea to buy WoW Classic instances carry crew if you wish to secure as much loot as possible for yourself and if you wish to be confident you’re going to finish those enormous dungeons like Stratholme or Blackrock Depths in one sitting.

As always, BoostBay provides a safe and reliable service for both US and EU.

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Service description

World of Warcraft Vanilla Dungeons boosting is the kind of service one would require when they decide to venture into old instances, and there’s a handful of reasons for that. First of all, people usually get lost there, really. Wailing Caverns are a prime example of how unnecessarily mysterious those places can be! Sure, navigating such a vast dungeon inevitably invokes a sense of adventure and discovery, but you’re only going to visit it once. Why? Because after you’re done with the quests there, you won’t need anything else. Sure, the loot you got there would last for a while, but rather than keep farming that instance - you’re better off progressing through quests and visiting other places!

Second, these places take an unreasonable amount of time to clear. The worst offenders are probably the Sunken Temple with its maze-like structure and Dire Maul, which houses a total of 16 bosses! Do you know that trash mobs that you encounter have a 2 hour respawn timer? Trust us: you don’t want to get lost in explorations, only to realize that if you die - you would have to clear most of the dungeon all over again. These two points are the primary reasons why you would want your WoW Classic Dungeons Boosting to proceed as quickly as possible.

Third, those World of Warcraft Classic dungeons carry crews that you purchase on our marketplace won’t ninja loot you. Unlike some random players, you might get stuck with. This is especially important for high-end dungeons like the Blackrock Spire, as the items you get there would serve as entry-level gear for raids! For your convenience, when ordering your WoW Vanilla instances boost, you’ll have a handful of choices to customize your experience, including the good old “self-play” and “piloted” options.

In any case, you needn’t worry about which WoW Vanilla dungeons carry runs for sale we’ve got right now. Our sellers will take you anywhere you need and stay with you as long as required, all you need to do - is to place an order and negotiate a price. In any case, we wish you bountiful runs and hope to see you again real soon!

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