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High-end content is fun and all, but what if you want to prepare in advance? Or if you plan to lock your XP and keep on dominating battlegrounds at level 19? Good thing you can buy WoW Classic items right here on our marketplace. Any level, any item you need! Upgrade your character with exceptional BoE items with this WoW Classic ilvl boost offer!

Should you ever change your mind right after the purchase, you can always place these at the Auction House. Even low-level items can command a high price and earn lots of silver and gold!

As always, BoostBay provides a safe and reliable service for both EU and US.

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In case you’re looking to buy WoW Classic raid items - you should check our “buy gear” section! Items found here would primarily interest people that are leveling twinks, aim to play in specific PvP brackets and those who look for alternative options for BiS raid items.

To give you an example of what we’ve got in mind, look up the Staff of Jordan. It’s an incredible weapon that drops in the open world. What’s special about it is that it requires level 35 to use, but people would wear it all the way through to level 60. It’s just that strong! The advantage it provides in PvP matches is tremendous as well. And there are many other World of Warcraft Classic epics for sale that can be found through our boosters.

There are many fantastic WoW vanilla BoE items for sale, but the best ones usually come from dungeons and random world drops. There are even set items that can be equipped as early as at 13th level! Depending on whether the game would actually launch as version 1.13, mounts might also become available. Previously, all mounts in the game had the BoE quality and could be sold to other players, but this got changed with patch 1.12.

“But why would I buy items for World of Warcraft Vanilla for real money when I can use in-game gold?” - You might ask. And you wouldn’t be wrong! But when you compare item prices to gold, you’ll discover that you’re getting them cheap. Also, some people enjoyed what the auction house in Diablo 3 initially did, and would happily trade items for cash online instead of in-game currency.

So the next time your search for Teebu’s Blazing Longsword would turn up empty, you know where else you might look. And if you need something even more fiery - check out our “Legendary weapons” section!

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