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We don’t have to go out of our way to reveal one simple truth for World of Warcraft Classic: money is king. Want a good reason to buy WoW Classic gold off the top of our head? Repairs and armor. Plate wearing classes would be the first ones to testify in support of this truth because they need to pay extra to repair their gear as do warlocks and paladins who have to cash out some serious dough to get their class mounts.

Sure, it’s near impossible to get the same ludicrous amounts of stuff one would on live servers, but we can still guarantee that with our service you’re able to get cheap WoW Classic gold reliably and as swiftly as possible compared to anywhere else you search online! Oh, and most importantly, here you can buy safely!

As always, our services are available for both EU and US.

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Among the aforementioned things, one should keep in mind that copious amounts of wowgold are also required to obtain high-quality gear, including the stuff that might be required to access pre-raid dungeons and even be traded for with other players to attain epic items like the Sulfuron Hammer which turns into the legendary two-handed mace! Curious as to how our sellers manage to come buy their hoards and always got enough WoW Classic gold for sale? Well it’s… Time, money, you get the drift.

Being the best site for such operations that we are, we have prepared a step by step instructions showing you how to purchase items on our platform in case you’re new to this and feel overwhelmed. In case you’re bothered by the in-game money price for Vanilla WoW servers, here’s your explanation: the classic servers are not only pristine and free of affluent players making everyone having to work to get their capitals back, but most of the daily quests are non-existent as well! This makes the base value of classic game currency much higher than it would be on live servers. Why? Because WoW Vanilla gold price is measured with your time spent earning it. But don’t you worry - we’ll be trying to get you the cheapest offers your money can buy and our suppliers will always have enough WoW Classic gold stashed for sale to please everyone.

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Quality control has ever been our platform’s merit, which is why you can always be sure that if buy game currency from us - you buy your gold safe and in a reliable fashion. There are very few chosen selling sites on the web that can claim that they’re “THE place to buy WoW classic gold safe” and we are to claim that we’re on the top of that list. Why? Because not only do we have a vast experience in this field of business, our agents and sellers are all venerable people who made all this possible and we won’t shy away from commending them for their honest work!

Simply put, the game still uses proven methods of money transaction available on live Warcraft servers which give you a variety of options when it comes to cash purchase. Not to mention that with overall lower numbers you can be sure that when you buy WoW vanilla gold cheap and safe - you get exactly what you’re paying for. In case you’re new to the process - we’ve got a simple to follow guide on “how to buy” any items on sale on our platform and make special orders tailored to your specific desires!

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Whenever you get in-game cash from BoostBay - you can be sure that you buy your WoW Classic gold with near-instant delivery! Our suppliers and sellers are already hard at work at stashing their treasuries and coffers! We’re all hard at work here to make sure that you're getting your money’s worth for each EURO and USD that you invest in our venture. If you’re still at a crossroads with your decision - then why not have a look at the reviews? Nothing proves that we’re the best site to buy gold for Vanilla WoW with fast delivery like the happy responses of our customers! We hope that you’re satisfied with our service and in case you are - please leave a positive review too and we hope to see you again real soon.

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