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T-1 Set Carry with us

Ready to join the big league? Then our WoW Classic Tier 1 boost is exactly what you need! This epic item set is obtained within the Molten Core, one of the most memorable raid instances of the original game. This exceptional gear set will allow you to shine in any battle. Not the least because of your striking looks!

Acquiring this set, however, will require some time and patience on your end, because while our sellers are more than ready to take you in on World of Warcraft Classic tier 1 sets carry run, organizing 40 people is still quite the task to be carried out.

As always, BoostBay provides a safe and reliable service for both EU and US.

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Service description

The classic World of Warcraft game had some really bizarre concepts about balance and overall progression. For example, did you know that Felheart Raiment, the Warlock Tier 1 set, is partially stronger than the tier 3 set? Of course, this is a very specific case, and it has already happened to several tier armor sets on Live servers, but this shouldn’t reduce the overall value of this service.

The most obvious benefit from this service is the fact that usually, you would have to compete not only against a number of people within a 40-man raid group to get the item you want but also against the loot odds because nothing is guaranteed to drop on the first attempt in WoW. But if you decide to buy WoW Classic T-1 armor sets, our sellers are guaranteed to run through the fiery pits of Molten Core with you as many times as required until you get everything that you were promised.

If you already have any amount of gear pieces, then our WoW Vanilla tier 1 gear price will be reduced for each one that you’ve got within your possession. Keep in mind that certain pieces of this set, like the wrists or waist, are Bind on Equip, rather than Bind on Pickup, which means that they can be obtained from other players or the Auction House. So if you’re looking to cut on the price of this service - go ahead and check out if either of them has got World of Warcraft Vanilla T1 set pieces for sale.

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