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T-0.5 Set Carry with us

If you think we’re done teasing you with tier armor sets that are comprised of decimal numbers, then think again! It’s not even our invention, really. The WoW Classic tier 0.5 boost is named exactly such so that people would easily recognize what we’re talking about.

The name was given to it by the veterans of the game, and it stuck with it. Keep reading down below to learn what sets apart World of Warcraft Classic Dungeon set 2 carry from its tier 0 counterpart!

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Service description

First of all, let’s make something blatantly clear. “Tier 0.5” is the unofficial name given to a number of item sets otherwise known as “Dungeon Set 2”. We’re not trying to hype them up or anything, because it’s the name given to them by the veterans of the original game. We think it was cool and thus are paying respects to this old meme.

Anyway, if you buy WoW Classic tier 0.5 armor sets, then you must probably be aware that this isn’t possible without first possessing tier 0 itself. Why? Because dungeon set 2 is obtained by upgrading dungeon set 1 through a series of tough boss battles and pricey quests. Yes, if you decide to purchase this service - our sellers would take it upon themselves to pay for all in-game requirements, but with every bit of help that you personally can provide - you’ll be able to cut down on the overall WoW Vanilla dungeon tier set 2 price of service, quite neat, isn’t it?

All items are intended for pre-level 60 characters and as such would work really well if you want to stick around in PvP bracket for levels 51-59. There’s nothing that can even begin to approach those sets in power and effectiveness.

Some of the places you’ll be required to visit during the quest chain need you to possess key items in order to reach them Thankfully, only one member per group is actually obligated to do so, and those sellers that have World of Warcraft Vanilla T0.5 sets for sale are sure to possess them as well. Unlike tier 0, this service will be completed quite swiftly, because there is no chance involved at any point of the road.

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