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So, you’re planning to start raiding, but don’t want to waste time collecting dungeon sets because of how long they might take and how much time it would take only to get there? Completely understandable, which is why we offer you to buy pre-raid gear for WoW Classic right here on BoostBay.

After being treated with our WoW Classic pre-raid gear boost, you’ll be the envy of your peers! Not to mention that guilds always readily accept people who are well dressed. Despite what they say, people readily judge the book by its cover, you know.

As always, BoostBay provides a safe and reliable service for both EU and US.

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Service description

If you were to ask our opinion, we would’ve told you that this is the right moment to order World of Warcraft Classic pre-raid gear carry service. We don’t literally mean “right now” but rather the overall condition of the game. With so much time one would spend simply in transit from one instance to another, or worse, finding another group if things go south mid-dungeon, it’s easy to lose your enthusiasm! In some specific cases, dungeons feel like a sick joke. We’re talking about Blackrock Depths and Dire Maul, in case you’re wondering. Many World of Warcraft players have already gotten used to long raids and spending hours on progression therein, but doing the same for a transit dungeon? No, thank you!

And so, we offer you to check out our cheap WoW Vanilla pre-raid gear for sale. Or instead, just go ahead and place an order! Our sellers would contact you shorter to work out the specifics and strike a deal. Remember that the price of your purchase might fluctuate according to your demands. Yes, outfitting yourself in top quality crafted items would be quick, easy and cheap, but asking for something akin to “epic item in every slot” would dramatically skyrocket the price!

And yes, of course, you can buy World of Warcraft Vanilla pre-gear sets from the dungeons. If that’s what you’re looking for, this service can be easily arranged. Frankly, we recommend you agree to use a piloted option so you don’t burn out on copious runs this might require. After all, there’s a bigger fish to fry!

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