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Feeling fed up with Felwood and its inhabitants? Did the Barov family dispute over an estate in Plaguelands turn out to be problematic? Then BoostBay’s WoW Classic Quests Boost is the service that you need!

You can also buy World of Warcraft Classic Quests carry crews to help you finish max level and legendary tasks. Why stress your guildies and friends if you can hire our goons? After all, there’s nothing in it for them! Gee, who would’ve thought that we’re going to miss the group finder tool..?

As always, BoostBay provides a safe and reliable service for both EU and US.

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We probably don’t even have to explain why there is a WoW Classic Quests farm service for sale on our marketplace, right? Everyone needs some help once in a while, and there’s nothing wrong about it. The disparity between Classic content and what we got used to on Live servers is humongous. A single elite can wipe the floor with you here, while back there a single BDK can pull an entire pack of them and kill them all without breaking a sweat. Our World of Warcraft Vanilla quests boost would be especially helpful traversing obnoxious locations like the Wetlands or Stranglethorn Valley. Why those in particular? Because these are two vast zones with lots of missions, hard to traverse environment littered with mobs, and full of rampant PvP’ers.

Leveling difficulties aside, it would be worth mentioning that there are no daily tasks in Classic! But, there are reputation-improving tasks related to other races within your faction. Reaching Exalted status with your allies would allow you to purchase their faction mounts, but that’s pretty much it! Repeated completions of these tasks require copious amounts of Rune Cloth. If you expect sellers to dish out their resources for it, then be prepared to a hefty increase in price, because that stuff doesn’t come cheap.

Technically, repeatable battleground missions also fall into this category, but not every WoW Vanilla quests carry crew might agree to complete such order.
In any case, we hope you’ll be satisfied with what you get, and we hope to see you again real soon.

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