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Stranglethorn Valley hunting quests make you tick? Are you trying to reach exalted with Ravenholdt? Do you require enormous amounts of Rune Cloth for War Effort quests or personal use? All of these and similar issues can be resolved if you buy WoW Classic Farm Service from the BoostBay market! Dedicate your time to worthier goals and let our expert team temporarily take the reins and do their jobs.

Remember: if it is a series of quests (or just a repeatable one) if it is a mob that awards reputation and/or necessary items or something listed in the game UI - then we welcome you to place a World of Warcraft Classic farm boost order on our platform!

As always, BoostBay provides a safe and reliable service for both US and EU.

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Farming Services

Service description

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of “farm,” the idea is that an individual or group would concentrate their efforts on a monotonous task to achieve a specific goal. Unlike the current expansion, Classic servers feature only a fraction of available farming targets. So we shall provide a summary of each of those WoW Classic farm carry options for your convenience.

Quests - This one is pretty self-explanatory, but do not mistake this service for power leveling. The idea here is that you designate a location or a quest chain, and our sellers will complete all quests within. The boosting service is particularly useful for completing high-level dungeon quests in places like Dire Maul, The Sunken Temple, or Stratholme. It would save you hours of repetitive runs while giving you all the rewards you could get from those and possibly even loot! Arguably the most profitable of all WoW Vanilla farm boost options for sale in our shop.

Reputations - Some in-game faction reputations like the Bloodsail Buccaneers or Gelkis/Magram centaur clans can be easily acquired by killing mobs! The catch is that this method usually involves a combined effort and something close to a dozen hours of nothing but killing the same enemies again and again. Purchase this option to avoid such monotonous click-fests or speed up your efforts!

Trade Goods - Some particular items, like cloth, for example, can only be obtained from looting game monsters. Inadvertently, this makes the process of acquiring such and similar items the very definition of farming. But unlike mining ore nodes or performing skinning and herbalism, the drop chance might put you in a tough situation when the quantity of loot wouldn’t justify the amount of work. Alternatively, you might get lucky and get your hands on a rare item that would command a lucrative price on the Auction House! Either way, this World of Warcraft Vanilla farming service is best performed in piloted mode.

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